Citadel Defense: Do Brave Deeds and Endure

Citadel Defense LLC was founded in Minnesota in 2014 with the goal to provide defensive firearm techniques to law abiding citizens.  We teach a variety of weapons manipulation courses as well as Permit to Carry in the state of MN and out of state FL Permit.

 We want you to be well trained in how to use your guns because we believe that someday it might just save your own or someone else's life.  


dylan schumacher

Lead Instructor

Qualifications, Certifications, and Live Training Courses:

  • NRA Instructor: Home Firearm Safety

  • NRA Instructor: Pistol

  • MN State Certified To Teach Armed Training For MN Security Guards

  • Minnesota Permit To Carry Instructor

  • Haley Strategic Castle Course (24 hours)

  • QSI Basic Handgun Course (9 hours)

  • Tactical Response Fighting Rifle (16 hours)

  • Tactical Response Fighting Pistol (16 Hours)

  • Haley Strategic Carbine Vehicle Darkness (30 hours)

  • Sentinel Concepts Essential Carbine Employment (18 hours)

Relevant Books Read/Courses of Study Taken:

Why I teach guns: If your day ever comes, I don’t want you to die. I want you to win that fight and go home to your own bed at night.

Hobbies (non gun related): Lifting, Dates with Wife, Reading, Video Games, Fine Food, Bourbon

Conceal Carry Setup: Glock Model 19 with an Inforce APL Light, in a TRex Arms Sidecar (appendix). 

Primary AR-15 Setup: BCM 16" Upper, Aero Precision Lower, Trijicon MRO, VTAC Rail, Magpul Stock and Grip, ACT Trigger, Magpul Sling (single point)

Other Stuff: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota, Master of Science in Project Management from Walden University.