Using Your Pistol In Real Life

How Confident Are You In Employing Your Weapon To Defend Yourself?


Maybe you are new to firearms, or a casual shooter, or have been going to the range faithfully for years. But have you been able to practice operating your firearm under the kinds of pressure you would face in a self defense situation? The truth of the matter is that shooting at the range isn’t enough.

Citadel Defense will teach you to “run your gun” under pressure. After taking our training, you will feel confident while carrying your weapon or defending your home. Know your abilities, learn to protect yourself and your loved ones, and get to enjoy the entire learning process!



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Private and custom Classes

Host Citadel for a private/custom class almost anywhere in the US.

Hangun 101

Handgun 101 was designed for those new to shooting.  In Handgun 101 we will dispel all your fears, doubts, and concerns about firearms.  Learn in a safe environment and walk away feeling confident about your abilities.

Handgun 201

Do you know how to operate your gun in a stressful situation?  The same kind of stress you would face in a life or death situation?