Every year at Citadel we spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in an effort to improve our weapons handling and teaching ability. We take pride in bringing you top tier training that might just save your life. We have found there are three main reasons people take Citadel courses.


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Most likely you have things in your life that are very near and dear to you.  This could be your spouse, your kids, your house, your very own life.  At Citadel Defense we equip you with skills, tactics and mindset to defend what is yours.  

It is common for most of us to think bad things or bad people won't find their way into our lives.  However at Citadel we are less concerned with the odds of your life being in danger, and much more concerned with the stakes.   If your moment comes and you find your life in danger, you'll wish for nothing more in that moment than having the mindset and tools to be able to get yourself and everyone you love out alive.  

At Citadel Defense we give you what you need to live another day. 



Learning should be an inherently enjoyable process.

At Citadel we pride ourselves on not just being good with our tools, but being good at teaching you, how to be good with your tools. How well we can shoot won't do you any good.  Our ability to teach you in an effective manner so you can improve your skills is what matters.  We value teaching and we value learning. 

More Fun than you could imagine


We take our classes deadly seriously.  We realize we are helping you prepare to defend your life.  Additionally we have a lot of fun.  Our classes are fun; a ton of fun.  If you're intimated by guns; don't be.  We will meet you where you are at, and at bare minimum we promise one of the funnest days of your life.