Weapons Manipulation Classes

Learn To Shoot Your Gun


These classes teach you to shoot and operate your gun when seconds count and the police are minutes away. These classes are active and fun, spent all day on the range.  This work is the real meat and potatoes of firearms training.  If you desire real weapon skills, these are the classes for you.  They range from beginner to intermediate/advanced.

handgun target

Handgun 101

Never shot a gun before?  Scared of guns? Start here.

handgun 201

Handgun 201

Learn to shoot like your life depends on it

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Handgun 301

 What could be more fun than shooting 1000 rounds?

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AR15 Basics

The Modern Day Musket

Citadel Invitational

Citadel Invitational

Alumni Reunion

Private Classes

Private and Custom Classes

Host Citadel For a Class

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Micro Handgun

Pocket Pistols Explained