Citadel Defense 2019 Season Pass


Why Buy?

If you want to focus on increasing your ability with a variety of guns this year, the season pass is right for you.

What Is it?

The 2019 Season Pass automatically enrolls you in all weapons manipulation classes offered by Citadel in 2019.


What Do I Get?

The Citadel Season Pass covers all weapons manipulations classes in 2019.

  • May 19th - Micro Pistol

  • June 1st - Handgun 201

  • Aug 10th - Aug. 11th (2 day course) Handgun 301

  • Sept 14th - AR15 Basics

  • Oct 5th - Handgun 201

Additionally, you get the Citadel Invitational (July 13th) and a permit to carry class of your choosing, for free.


How Much do i save?

Purchasing all of the weapons manipulation classes separately, the Invitational, and a permit class would a total of $1,325.

The Citadel Season Pass saves you a total of $325 over the course of the training season.


How many passes are available?

In order to leave room in our classes for people who do not choose to purchase a season pass only a limited number of season passes will be available. Once they are gone, they are gone.

2019 Citadel Defense Season Pass

March 31st 2019 will be the last day season passes will be available for purchase.

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