Keith’s Private Class


Topics Covered:

  • Universal and Omnipresent Gun Safety Rules

  • Pistol Fundamentals - Stance, grip, sight alignment/picture, etc..

  • Combat accuracy

  • Post Shooting Procedures

  • Reloading under duress

  • Malfunction clearing techniques

  • Single hand techniques

  • Shooting from various positions

  • Cover vs concealment use

  • Shooting while moving

  • Intro to 2 person tactics

What To Bring:

  • An open, teachable mind

  • Handgun 9mm-45ACP

  • 700 rounds

  • Note Taking Gear

  • Strong Gun Belt

  • Holster - A HARD SIDED holster is REQUIRED. Leather, Kydex or kydex like plastic is acceptable. No soft sided holsters will be permitted. (Kydex or kydex like material highly recommended. IWB and AIWB permitted.)

  • Magazine pouches (able to carry two extra magazines on your person)

  • Seasonally appropriate clothing suited to dynamic activity (no sandals/shorts)

  • Bag lunch

  • Ear and Eye Protection (electronic ears will make your life easier)

  • Weapon lube and tools

  • Water bottle

  • At least 4 working magazines (the more the better)

  • Tactical Light (if you have one, if not, no big deal)

  • Knee pads if desired (time will be spent kneeling)

Prerequisites: None

Physical Fitness Level Required: Standing for long portions of time, some kneeling, walking and laying down required.  We can work around any preexisting injuries.