There are many never ending debates in the gun world (shotgun vs rifle vs pistol for home defense, 9mm vs 45ACP, AR vs AK).  One of which (of course): Open Carry vs Concealed Carry.  Some think Open Carry is the way forward for gun rights while others opposed consider it harmful to gun rights, a completely unnecessary, in-your-face "statement."  Others consider it a tactical disadvantage as you lose the element of surprise.  We don't shy away from this topic at Citadel.

If you decide to Open Carry (as is your right in 45 states including Minnesota) there are many considerations.  We have put painstaking thought and effort into this topic and host this one day class half in a "classroom" and half in practice on the range to cover the practical and political issues surrounding Open Carry.

If you currently Open Carry, have considered taking the dive, care to garner a new perspective on the topic or simply want to see what all the fuss is about and enjoy a class, we look forward to seeing you here.

Topics Covered:

  • Universal & Omnipresent Gun Safety Rules

  • Why open carry?

  • Holster selection and gear considersations

  • Daily practical considerations

  • Engaging people while Open Carrying

  • Shooting from an open carry position

  • Rudimentary weapon retention

What To Bring:

  • An open, teachable mind

  • A bag lunch

  • Handgun 9mm-45ACP

  • Note Taking Gear

  • Strong gun belt

  • At least a level 2 retention holster. Safariland ALS/SLS recommended.

  • Magazine pouch (able to carry at least one magazine on your person)

  • Seasonally appropriate clothing suited to dynamic activity (no sandals/shorts)

  • Ear and Eye protection

  • Weapon lube and tools

  • Water bottle

  • 700 Rounds

  • At least 4 working magazines (the more the better)

Prerequisites: None. Handgun 201 or prior handgun training from a competent instructor recommended. 

Physical Fitness Level Required: Standing for long portions of time, some kneeling, walking and laying down required.  Light wrestling (for weapon grab rentention drills) may be required along with other dynamic movement.  

Please note we currently do not have any Open Carry Classes Scheduled for the rest of the year.  If you'd like to schedule a private class, please contact us.