Our Philosophy

teaching you skills to solve your problems


At Citadel Defense, our philosophy for firearms training is “we are preparing to effectively use this gun for the protection of human life."  All firearm instruction at Citadel stems from this perspective. Consequently, we break down our classes into three basic categories.  

  1. Our first genre is the legal requirements.  Mandated by the government to obtain your permit to carry, this class is taught indoors with a short live fire session preceding the conclusion.  We teach the laws regarding carrying pistols and the use of lethal force. Typically the beginning of one's self defense journey, this class provides valuable pistol basics, legal requirements, and a permit certification.
  2. The second type is weapons manipulation.  Shooting and operating, these classes are active and fun, spent all day on the range.  This work is the real meat and potatoes of firearms training.  If you desire real weapon skills, these are the classes for you.  They range from beginner to intermediate/advanced.
  3. The final group is armed lifestyle.  Performed on the range, these classes involve shooting and significant levels of thought provoking discussion around every day carry as well as additional tools and instruments which merit consideration.  These classes are for the philosophical warrior and breed the mental knowledge and physical skills necessary for prepared defense.  Focusing on the thought surrounding daily carry, these classes teach you how to be a responsibly armed citizen.

Most of our classes can be be taken by anyone at anytime though a few advanced classes require perquisites.  Find out which matches your skill level and desired knowledge/skills and jump right in.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the next class.


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Legal Requirements: PERMIT TO CARRY

Join the thousands of Minnesotans in caring for your own self protection.

Weapons MANIPULATION: Handgun 201

Do you know how to operate your gun in a stressful situation?  A life or death situation?

Weapons MANIPULATION: AR-15 The Modern Day Musket

Defend yourself with America's most popular rifle.

Armed Lifestyle: Conceal Carry

Hone your daily carry skills with thought, awareness, a basic arm bar, and a quick draw stroke.

Private and custom Classes

Host Citadel for a private/custom class almost anywhere in the US.