Firearm of the Week: Desert Tech MDR

The bullpup is an awesome rifle design, and it's been hard to find an American bullpup rifle.  That's about to change when Desert Tech releases their MDR.  

Couple quicks things of note.  You can have this thing sent to eject shells left or right side (great for the lefties out there).  The mag release is just where it should be (according to AR-15 users....and who isn't one?).  Over all length is only 26".  That's a lot of boom in a very small package. And with that bullpup design it retains a full 16 barrel.  

Throw a suppressor on there and you have one of the best home defense guns available. 

Check out the guys at Recoil for a more in depth look. 

The Facts:

  • Cost: Looks like they will be going for ~$1500 when they are released
  • Caliber: .223 and .308 upon release
  • Capacity: 30 rounds
  • Accessories: Slings and Optics, not much else in after market that I've heard of
  • Barrel Length: 16"
  • Weight: 7.1lbs
  • Sights: Needs a red dot for sure