Every year Citadel hosts the Citadel Invitational for former students.  This day is designed to brush up on any and all skills you've learned in previous classes.  If you are a former student, come out for a day of shooting, learning, and romping good time. 

What To Bring:

  • An open, teachable mind
  • Handgun 9mm-45ACP
  • 500 Rounds for your pistol
  • 50 Rounds .223 or .556
  • AR15 (if you own one, otherwise you can borrow one of ours for a bit)
  • Note Taking Gear
  • Strong gun belt
  • Holster for your pistol
  •  Magazine pouches (able to carry at least one magazine on your person)
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing suited to dynamic activity (no sandals/shorts)
  • Ear and Eye protection
  • Weapon lube and tools (never know when you might have to fix something)
  • Water bottle
  • At least 3 working magazines for your pistol

The Invitational for 2018 wil be held on July 14th at 8:30am at Ahlman's

Citadel Invitational

One Day Event - July 14th 2018 at 8:30am - For Citadel Alumni Only

If you attend a weapons manipulation training course with Citadel in 2018, the price for the Invitational is half off.  You will be emailed out a discount code upon signing up for a weapons manipulation class. 


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